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I really like this one; you drew me into the story from the start. I think this is my favorite I've read so far...
You really made me care about both the teacher and Allison--nicely written.

A tense switch at the beginning threw me for a moment, but I was most confused at the type of school it was. As a private school, the teacher would be freer to talk about her faith than at a public school, but if she's at a private school, why would Allison be so unfamiliar with the Bible? And if its a private, non-religious school, the teacher would probably not be able to be so free...something to clarify in future edits.

I liked how you showed the students' progress both by the nature of their sentences and their improved grammar. Nice touch!
A great message here - and creative take on the topic! I was also curious about the type of school this is - but that is minor. Nice job!
You wrote a very good story...and a good illustration of the topic. I like it. Thanks!
I loved the way the teacher approached the class and helped each child to improve in some way. It is an excellent subject and you handled it so well. Very well written--top of the class.
I liked the dialogue. I actually wondered if this was an actual account. But, once I read the part about the Bible, I thought, "That probably would not have been allowed." I found it sad to even think that way. Your story is well told and the characters and use of subject is done well. Nice job.
Congratulations on your EC. Nice job.
Congrats on your win! Nice job!
Congratulations on your win! It's a nice story. I cared about Allison from the beginning and liked how you showed that a caring person and a loving God can make such a difference.
Very nice!