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We had a Charlie in our neighborhood; only her name was Maggie! I can see this as a story for fifth or sixth graders that the kids would enjoy reading and then writing a story about a pet of their own or one in the neighborhood. They love pet stories. You told the stories well. I could see Charlie in his various games and rescues.
Fun story - this felt like it was just right for upper elementary. Nice job!
I love the Charlies of the world. This is my favorite line:
"Charlie was just a very nice soul that happened to be inside a fur coat." YOu show a lot of insight with this statement.
Just one little nit picky thing. You used "wondered" when I think you might have meant "wandered."
That's very minor, though, and doesn't detract from this very sweet story. Well done.
This one begs for illustrations!

For a children's story, I'd replace semicolons with periods, and perhaps shorten a few of the longer paragraphs. Minor details--this story is exactly the sort of thing children love.
Makes me wish I had a dog! :) This is a sweet and fun story about an animal that really enjoyed life and brought pleasure to others, too! I liked the part where Charlie interrupted the horseshoe throwing competition by catching the horseshoes in mid-air! He was just having fun! :) Good job!
Takes me back to stories I loved to read as a child - great job and what a fun dog to know!
Such a sweet dog, and a sweet story. Makes me want to live in small-town America, again, and have another dog! Thanks for giving your readers a mini-vacation back in time.
A lovely story that children would really enjoy reading!
Good job - a well written piece that older children would enjoy.
Cute story!

I do agree that some of the sentences could be broken down, but that's about it. I think children would love to read this--a good animal story always catches their attention--I knew it did for me when I was little ^_^
As a dog lover. I enjoyed reading about Charlie. Great story.
I loved Charlie. I'm sure children will too. (Well, I'm a child at heart!)
I'm a dog lover too and I loved Charlie! Kids love stories about animals - they would really love this one!
How cute and fun! This would make a great movie. ^_^ I love the character of Charlie.
Charlie reminds me of my old Border Collie -- thanks for stirring up wonderful doggie memories!