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Oh, this is beautiful but I had to stop to dab my eyes as life goes by so quickly. A very touching story. I absolutely love this! I can see it illustrated. I would love to design this. I can see it in pastels and subdued background. This exudes a tenderness and sweetness. What joy to reopen the magic of childhood and relive it with your own prescious daughter. I could relate to this as I have taken memories tucked away and pulled them out to let my little one enjoy them as I once did. Very well done. Bravo.Janice
LOVE IT! Beautifully written!
Sweet and lovely! I KNOW my daughter will love this when she's a touch older. I love your descriptions of the ballerina's emotions. Great job!
I loved the fairy tale quality to this story. And it had a happy ending, too. This story seems perfect for a little girl who dreams of dancing someday.

I couldn't help but think of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" when I read this. Excellent job!
Very, very sweet and lovingly written.
Wow, this 1 made me teary.
This is a wonderful story. It would be perfect as a special book just right for a special occasion! I think any little girl would truly love to read this.
This is beautiful! It is so well written. I have chills.
Aww, that made me teary-eyed. I like the conversation a lot. I think both children and adults would gain something from this story.
This is one of my favorite "little girl" stories of all this week. It's really special!
Wonderful little girl's story. With a subtle lesson of growing up and time changing things.
Reminded me of the ballerina music box we gave our daughter when she was in ballet. I think it's boxed up, too, just waiting to dance with her once again when our granddaughter begins her ballet lessons. Nice story tellling!
Oh my, I haven't a chance after reading this one! Very, very well written and so sweet. I loved the last paragraph.
I love this ballerina! You brought life to a little ceramic figure. ^_^ Very well done, I loved following the story, though I did guess the ending correctly. Good job!
You woke the chid in me with this one and all the emotions that go with it when we personify pets and dolls and other treasures of our past. Very, very well done!