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Oh my gosh. I am sitting here bawling my eyes out. I don't even know what to say about it. This entry was heartbreaking - particularly with the repetition of the phrase about not crying (which is what MADE the story). I am overwhelmed. I think this is wonderful, despite being heartbreakingly difficult to read.
You portrayed this horrific scene movingly. There was a poetic quality to your prose with the echoing refrain throughout.
That last line, my dear, is absolutely perfect. I figured you would end with your "refrain" - but that was so much more effective and poignant and overwhelming. Absolutely excellent and as haunting a piece as I've ever read.
Incredible! I know I cried a bit as I read this piece--you definitely connected well with the reader--at least this one ;-)
You really captured her determination--I could feel not only her steely resolve, but her mother's as well. Good terse descriptions, matching the voice. Excellently written.
I forgot to mention the intensity. This part of history always moves me and this piece is no exception.
One of the darkest times in human history - you reminded us why we can never forget it.
WOW! You are definitely in your element here! Amazingly written and so sad. I like the repeating line and the tone of the MC. I had to take a moment after reading this. Awesome job, Writer!
Wow! That story shows how sad things were then, but how brave so many of the people who endured that were. I didn't see anything to corrrect. Good job!
Unmistakingly moving, this brave little child!

The only problem I have with pieces like this--and it's probably just me--is, who's writing it? The dead don't write...It's just my hyper-literal self kicking in, sorry.

It's very moving, I could almost see a slideshow of black-and-white images with each paragraph, and violin music in the background.
Wow - haunting, effective. Very good writing. You portrayed this so well, particularly with the repeated phrase, the simple descriptions, the narrator's knowing what would happen yet facing it bravely.
Wow... Moving, heartbreaking story. Excellent job!
I too am at a loss of words for this. The goosebumps are not stopping. Very well written story here. i can only imagine the feelings and emotions you put into this. God has blessed you with the vision to write this piece.
Totally great. I really liked this ... in a yucky sort of way. Good work!
OH, MY! What an impact! Very well written.
Congrats on your win Kaylee!
Congrats on a very well deserved win - Great job.
The title grabbed me, but the moving tribute to the slaughter of Jews kept me transfixed. Thanks for telling a story that needs to be repeated. As Satan works his tricks on the world, rising up people who say this never happened as the last victims leave this world for the next, we need to tell their story. Satan also tells us that we are good enough and that all will go to Heaven, but then again, I digress. Wonderful writing skills shown here. I want to read more of you!
Congratulations! This is a very deserving win. Excellent job!
Beautifully written. A deserving win! Congratulations!
Back again to say Congratulations on your win - you totally deserve it! Good job! :)
Way to go Kaylee!!! Awesome piece, well deserving of your EC.
Wow, well deserving of the placement. I'm writing a novella set in Ravensbruck, so this is also close to home. Well done.
What an excellently written story--the pictures you painted with words linger in the mind long after--a mark of good writing. Congratulations on a well-deserved win.
Big congratulations, Kaylee! And, thank you for your comment on my historical story as well. I appreciate it.
I agree--chilling & painfully haunting! Congratulations on a very well-deserved win!
BRAVO!! Excellent from beginning to end.