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Great title, and such a sweet story. Great descriptions of characters, his rubber band knees. Loved how you kept the size 13 theme throughout the story. Wasn't sure if it should have read "She was a believer" or "She is a believer." That part isn't my strength but I loved it all the same!
The storyline was very nice -- true romantic genre. Just a couple of errors/typos I saw -- Paragraph 6, 'concern' should have been 'concerned.' Paragraph 12, the word 'were' doesn't belong.

Good romance with nice character interaction.
I enjoyed this - I think many of us "guys" can relate to what Gary was going through.

I'm glad she said yes.
Such a lovely story. I prefer guys like Gary to the overly confident type. You did a good job on this but next time check for typos.
What a sweet romance! I really liked your story.
To me, from a male's perspective - this was a great, true-to-life romantic tale!
Good portrayal of a shy guy and a not-so-shy young girl. (if I read her personality right). Good story.