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What a well written story that is certainly humorous, but a strong message to bear as well. I won't forget this one soon, well done.
Good allegory. One little thing that caught my eye. "principle" should be "prinicpal", but that didn't detract from a job well done.
Excellent storytelling. Be careful, drawing pictures this clear might count for 1,000 words and cause a DQ next time! This is quality writing throughout, with the best part for me being the pinpoint accuracy of character names - something that is often overlooked.
You definitely have a way with words! A superb message, aptly interlaced with humor. Mastercrafted!
Man, I knew students like those in your first paragraph, and at the college level, too.

Interesting tale, almost a parable. I guess the thing I would like to have seen was for you to describe a little more completely the offensive smell. Was it like cow manure, or worse? Let us see what you see and smell what you smell when you write this.

You have a good storytelling style as was mentioned in another comment. I thought the name of your MC, Kindly Fool, was particularly appropriate. A pleasure reading your tale.
The saddest part of this "humor" piece is how excruciatingly right on target it is. The whole world is slogging through a stinking cesspool of sewage and not noticing its collective olfactory sense has gone with the wind! :0( Good writing and insightful teaching.
A different approach on humor. You found a way to tell a Bible truth without actually using scripture. I enjoyed this.
Great allegory, skillfully constructed and very Biblical. I guess I'd have liked a little more 'showing.' But I enjoyed this very much.
A well constructed fable. Very visual. Strong sense of place and chracter. Packed a punch. yeggy
Humorous and incredibly poignant. Masterfully written. It left me smiling in irony and sad for the state of affairs our world is in. I would have liked a bit more show and a little less tell, but this is a masterful piece nonetheless! Thanks, Cheri
Some powerful teaching wrapped in a wry grin. Good job.
Hmmm, this was very good.
I love reading allegories and the way they "settle" in the more I rethink them.
Kindly Fool and his desire for the ordinances will be remembered for being so much more than humor.
Glad to see you are in the Challenge.
James I give you kudos on a very well written piece - good work. The humor must be passing right by me (not the irony) for I find this depressingly true. To me this story is truth woven in satire.

Excellent job.
You have an interesting storytelling style. You draw from an unusual place that is quite unique - like an old-fashioned tale. Very nicely done. :) Blessings, Jo
A creative, well spun tale. Wonderful metaphor for life in present-day America. Great job.