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Thanks for letting us "hide and watch." I bet we think this is funnier than the people in the car did!
'About a 100 yards down the road...' This paragraph really had me hooting with laughter! I could just see those guys dashing madly out of the car. I don't know if this is a dumb question, but pardon me (I don't know much about fishing or cats): how did a fish trap catch a cat? Alright, alright, don't answer...
I enjoyed this story! Great descriptions--could just see that jumping, yowling suitcase! I was expecting its contents to be a skunk whose spray caused the rapid exit from the car--but guess an angry bobcat would have the same effect!
What a surprise! I enjoyed this, but I felt that I would have liked to have known the contents of the suitcase early on. It would have been more fun to watch it all unfold knowing the culpret rather than to wait for a surprise at the end. Sometimes the journey is as much fun as the destination. The element of surprise is not always the best route to go.Of course, this is just one opinion. The writing was very good.
Great use of words - and your descriptive sentences were very refreshing in style:) I liked this way you told your story so much!!
That poor bobcat! I may be the only one here sympathizing with him-LOL. Very fun and enjoyable in less than 500 words. It might've helped to build a tad bit more suspense, but otherwise, good job!
I was picturing this easily as Candid Camera did a scene like this once with a Bobcat in a suitcase. I can still see the car's four doors burst open with four men piling out - the car never stopped moving or slowed. Candid Camera said that that stunt got them in trouble and advise others not to try it. Thanks for the memory and great writing.
Don't wait so long to write again. God bless.