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Ha! t first I couldn't put my finger on why this story seemed so familiar, but then it came to me. I recognize the familiar idea from the book I read to my granddaughter: If You Give a Pig a Pancake. You've made a good point with it! One thing always leads to another. Cute! Funny! Photos in ziploc bags! Could be me! I hava an embroidery picture to do for my baby niece...still undone....and she's thirty years old! I CAN RELATE! Thanks for making me feel like I'm not alone!
You nailed us crafters to the wall. My sister had a plaque that read; "She who dies with the most material wins." Sounds like a crafter.
Clever and delightful - we have ALL the "if you give a" books (I think!) - and this is my favorite (though I'm not sure the kids would enjoy it quite as much as their others LOL). I really enjoyed this. Very creative take!
The title alone is a winner, but what a fun read. This was great.