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Wow! Very creative! So that's how eternity was placed in our hearts. Good job!
What I like most about this piece is the depiction of angels as powerful beings who dwell in God's presence--I get so tired of the "world's" depiction of angels, rarely accurate. This is great!
You have the ring of Tolkien in your voice - powerful writing. And I like the way you divided the angels into groups, giving them dignity and honor. Very impressive.
It was all so well done but that last line I agree with the above comments. Solid writing, keep it up!
From intriguing title to the picture you give us at the end, this is a creative exploration of the "eternity in their hearts" scripture.

This statement:
"The Seraphim, or burning ones, had the honour and privilege to dwell in the very throne room of The One"
gave me a thrilling idea to pursue as part of some ongoing research of mine. Thank you for the hint!
Creative and alegorical. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading it.
Very, very nicely done! So imaginative and also touching!
Wow! How you portrayed The Engraver gave me goose bumps!
Breathtaking! This is an extremely creative and enjoyable piece. I certainly never thought of it this way before-thanks for sharing this! ^_^
Very good. Excellent writing, but I had a hard time finding your voice. Sometime we can lose our voice when we try too hard to paint or describe. I only add that because you are without a doubt a very talented writer who could be outstanding. This is a very passionate story and you crafted it with a passion. I enjoyed it very much. God bless.