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This was beautiful.
This is a wonderful poem, "crafted" with exactly the right words and message!
This is just beautiful. That's all I have to say....
Thank you... I'm printing it out to reread in the quiet mornings.
Absolutely beautiful. This is a keeper - a masterpiece.
This is so beautiful. There should be another Challenge level beyond Master's and you should be in it.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll also say this was beautiful. Lovely job.
Extremely pretty piece of poetry:)
Loved the message, the word choices, the craft. Excellent. God bless.
When you wait so long to read, there no comment left to make. But, as a poetry lover, this is a "keeper".
Excellent rhyming skills in use here. This poem conveys many healing truths for those who believe they were an accident. If they drank this in, they'd see how much went into their creation. You were definitely inspired :)
Wow... this is beautiful!
Way to stretch Jo! (kinda missing your humorous pieces you know!)

Your message matches your word choices and I think many will be blessed. Loved it.
So very well done. I don't have the words to say how much I like this. Excellent! Thanks for sharing it
Beautiful. Your rhyme and meter is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
I'll echo everything that was said here, and add that I really loved the framing of the poem's title and its last word. When I started to read, I was thinking that the 3 parts are intertwined, but then you added extra depth to the intertwining in the last stanza--just awesome.
I'll tell you the first word that came to mind after reading this: gentle! I felt the gentleness of the Maker's hand resting on me, the gentleness of being wrought with love and defined by and intwined with Him.

Lovely. Just lovely.
Lovely, lovely poem!! :)
Truly, this had to be inspired - from God's heart to your hand.
You can feel God's anointing all over this work. Touching, beautiful, just lovely.
What a lovely poem. I thought of this take myself, but I'm glad I went with something else - couldn't have competed with yours. :)
Okay, ummmm, I had to add another SCREEEN just to leave a comment. And my guess is, they'll have to add another very soon!!!! I've read so many things like this BUT not like this! It makes all the other things I've read like this--seem like child's play!!! Perfect! Absolutely perfect.
I know I'm risking sounding like a "suck-up", but congratulations on your very pretty Audrey Hepburn poem. I'm very glad for you. God bless.