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A beautiful retelling of a beautiful story!
Is there such a word as Splendiferous?...well, this was great, creative, well written, and I loved it! Yes, indeed, at a Lakeside Converstion...they saw the Master begin His "Fisher of Men" duties on Planet Earth. Great job! Enjoyed listening into their conversation! Well done.
Your descriptive writing certainly evoked a definite atmosphere. I could nearly smell it and I could certainly hear the men talking softly in the firelight. I thought however that the dialogue was a bit unnatural – essentially it was really a monologue. It might have flowed better, to my way of thinking, had you had your characters interrupting one another, each one chipping in a piece if the mystery.
Unique perspective. I enjoyed this very much. I've never really thought about what the disciples family and friends must have thought about their decision to just up and follow this stranger from Galilee!