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Over all I enjoyed your piece--once I figured out what was being talked about. It confused me with the flipping back and forth from the Little Women story to what was occurring in real life.
An excellent piece. You have a unique approach to writing that draws a person to read more intently. I wish you well in the competition.
This is by far one of the best poems I've read at FaithWriters. You draw us into your narrator's musings, and bring us back to reality with her, and you have a real mastery of poetic language and conventions. Top notch!
Since this isn't traditional poetry, I'd have to call it a nice job of prose. Interesting take on topic and intriguing title.
Wow! Wow! Wow! What a work of art - a masterpiece and an ABSOLUTE feast to read.

Love, love, LOVED it!
I liked how you twined your reading with reality, just as if we were reading in those bits of time we have here and there.
You wrote about one of my favorite books so I loved this. Good contrast between reality and the thoughts of the book. Thanks for sharing this!
This is amazing. This was done with such class I can almost envision you writing with an antique roll top desk and quill. WOW.
Awww! This was wonderful! I loved this piece, particularly with the 'appearance' of a favorite character "Jo". I liked how you switched back and forth between the two stories. Great emotions and descriptions! Wonderful work!
Oh, how refreshing, intriguing and delightful! I feel like I've been in this speaker's shoes often. Thank you for such a wonderful poem!
Loved your title and how your piece fit with it! For me, reading has often been a diversion snatched at greedily between daily activities and routines. Jo is a favorite of mine, too! :)
You made me remember how much I loved reading Little Women. I was nine. Wonderful piece!
I'm so disappointed this wonderful piece didn't place. Beautiful writing - such talent!
Leigh, your free verse poetry is awesome. You are a talented writer.
Great poem. You capture emotions well.
Most women, especially writers, will identify with this. I think we all love to "get away" with a good book.