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This was a creative way to use "reading." It was informative and interesting. I loved the humor and the "audible smirk."
Very realistic characters, and an interesting "teaching" session. I don't think it would suffer if you lost the mild cuss word, and you might want to think of another title if you are looking to publish it (there's a cop movie with the same title). I really liked your use of the topic word.
Nice job. Typical cop story, with older officer always forgetting that he was a Rookie once himself. But very impressive, well written and intrituing, educational and enlightening. Enjoyed the ride and the read. Good job.
Sorry, "intriguing"
Enjoyed this. It's an approach I hadn't thought about. I usually think of "reading people" as a pastime. Here it was a useful tool.
Training Days is one of my favorite movies and now its one of my favorite short stories. Excellent discriptions, very close to realistic. A very creative take on READING and so vital to law enforcement. Enjoyed your entry very much. God bless.