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This was very informative and interesting to read. I like the title too.
From this reader's viewpoint, the opening paragraph was beautiful; but from a writer's viewpoint, six adjectives in the first sentence seemed overdone. (Remember! Just one person's opinion) Loved the title, and being a skeptic...I've never read that Seth was the original astronomer in the Scriptures. But a very informational and educational read. Excellent job, and well written.
What a neat take on the topic. I never would have thought of it myself. Well written and it makes you think.
What a whirlwind of ideas, presented in such a calm way, through the fingers of an old man. Man is without excuse. I've heard this, but you give a different reason for it. So, if man can't read, he can look in the stars! I once heard that the people who see "flying saucers" are so often discounted because they are usually the elderly or young children. Why? Because they are the only ones who take the time to look up in the sky. After that, I vowed to look up more. Now you've given me a bigger reason. You're a VERY talented writer!
Oh how lovely! I was delighted with the adjectives and descriptions which held me spellbound. This was truly original and creative .. and written with definite talent.
What a beautifully told story. So edifying, encouraging and a pleasure to read. Nothing better than grandpas finding creative and interesting ways to teach and minister to the grandkids. And what is so cool, is that nothing really dates this story. It could have been as far back as the first grandfather to the newest holding "school" on the same hill, sharing the same thing, because God's story for us never changes. Excellent job, Edy. Loved this. God bless.
Very unique take on the topic. Held my interest throughout. Great job.
Wow, Edy. One of the best openings I've seen in awhile. Very vivid and clear. Excellent.

Your word choice and description throughout was outstanding. Powerful stuff.

I wanted to read more of Seth and his stories to the children. Gotta love that word count.

Keep weaving, Edy. You're awesome.
Fascinating, Edy. My dad is majorly 'into' the concept of the gospel being told in the stars, and I grew up thinking it was common knowledge, then later learned that, in fact, it was us who were just a touch 'odd'. But the gospel HAS been written in the stars. The virgin, the serpent being trod on by her, the archer ... I'm a bit hazy on the details but it is way too coincidental to be coincidence. I'm sure you've read the book 'Gospel in the Stars', right?

You present the information in a format that draws the reader in - the children (I've never thought of Methuselah as a child!), the grandfather etc. WELL DONE.