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I loved this story! Beautiful character and event descriptions--specific and vivid. I could see the little girl heaving, the teacher gagging, the little boy leaping cheerfully to the rescue.

Wonderful message of a truly unexpected hero!
Even though I tend to be emetophobic, this was such a nice read. This boy truly was an unsung hero to take on such a task. And here you remember it to this day (assuming this is based on a true story). Very descriptive writing and right on topic. :)
Awwwww, what a sweet story! Icky, but sweet! I enjoyed it a great deal--it rang absolutely true.

A note: "nauseous" means "feeling sick." I think you wanted "nauseating" to describe the odor.

Wouldn't it be cool if Dennis read this story some day?
I'm wondering if that had any influence on your becoming a nurse? Bless his heart. Now you MUST find him and tell us if he remembered. Sweet story, Edy.
Another great story from you, Edy! I really like your conversational tone. It does seem remarkable that a boy that age would "rise to the occasion" so to speak!
Nicely done.
I really enjoyed reading this story. I could imagine myself right in the middle of it, though I must admit I'm glad I wasn't ;)! Another thought that was in my mind as I read was how we sometimes have no idea how our words affect those who overhear them, especially children. Great job. Blessings, Cheri