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Powerful story. Well done!
Spooky. I almost didn’t want to read it a second time! The story raises as many questions as it addresses but this is part of its appeal. Point taken. I don’t think I’ll follow the link …
This brings back haunting memories. I was involved in the occult as a teenager before accepting the true Lord and Savior, and it took years for all the torments and visions to end afterward. Demons are clingy, pesky things, aren't they? Praise God the victory does NOT belong with them!!!
Powerful. Your notes at the end mean so much to your story. Thanks.
Very spooky and scary. I was quite engaged from beginning to end. I agree with Dub - the notes at the end were wonderfully informative and convicting!
Wow. This makes me pray even harder to put a hedge around my kids. A wonderfully dark story and I am glad this man now serves our Lord.
Powerful writing and scary message. It may be just me, but I was left wondering who he decided to follow.

I fear for our children. Thank you for bringing this subject to the light, and for your footnote reminder of the things children have easy access to on the internet.
Good job! And then what happened?
Dawn pushed back the night -- this sentence sums up the whole piece! I love it. The dawn of God's salvation pushed back the night of the pastor's psat! Awesome job. Wonderful piece! Blessings, Cheri
Fastest growing religion among teens!!?? How awful! We need to wake up and share our faith with fervor. Wow, I'm encouraged to do just that. Great piece of writing!