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Pastor Freeman sounds like a wonderful person! I like that this piece was titled with his name--that grabbed me, because character sketches of individuals are always interesting.

The character here would come more alive for me if dialogue were included, along with descriptions of specific events and/or details of his gestures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and so on.

My favorite line in the piece was comparing a walk with God to "sprints three times a day like hurrying to remember to brush your teeth." A delightfully vivid and original way to communicate how we get bound up in meaningless ritual.

Great message!
Thanks for this heartfelt story about your childhood pastor. I like this line and will remember its message: (ps - "Breath" doesn't need to be capitilized after the semi-colon.)
"Prayer was asking for grace in the moment to moment, in getting out of bed, in turning on the television; Breath and decision and signature, in remembrance of Him."
How wonderful to have had a pastor that has been both your friend and an inspiration. I also liked your description of remembering to brush your teeth and the other examples of daily activities.