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You've received the Parent of the Year Award from me. I think your article was skilfully written with a touch of humour.
Arentpay Award aside, give this writer the ulitzerpay rizepay! Witty, well written and an enjoyable read - what else do you want? Great entry. Good job!
My three kids did everything I vowed my kids would never do so help me God. God did help my wife and me raise three great adults but we had our real moments in the process. Thank you for being real. Parents of the Year are generally made of plastic. Good story just enough frustrated humor to make this an excellent piece.
Most of us start off thinking we might have a shot at that award ... then reality hits. ;) I noticed one fragment you might want to take another look at: "It was the year my daughter began her first day in kindergarten that my hopes of finally bringing home the Parent of the Year Award." Other then that, great read.
I really loved this story and chuckled the whole way through. I tried for that award too, with my first!
After losing it that time,I just ate chocolate a lot for the second! Both turned out great, though .. but God deserves the award! Great writing!