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Your story was really sweet. I like the part about the tub of warm oatmeal. Mothers and Grandmas - every child should have them. Fathers are nice, too, but they'll never manage to feel as soft and comforting as a grandma.
Very, very nice story. I love hearing the grandkids call my wife, grammommy. I also like it when the grandkids are over cos I get lots of great stuff to eat I normally wouldn't. Excellent job here Edy. The story flows smoothly and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. God bless.
This story was so sweet - it captured perfectly how a grandma is - made me think of my daughter's own grandma. So many similaritiies. You made the story realistic from the child's perspective! good writing!
I loved this trip down memory line! It was very well done and it really touched my heart. My favorite: just like putting my feet in a bathtub full of warm oatmeal. Thanks for giving me an "Awwww" this morning.
You seem to have gotten everyone with the warm oatmeal legs! Funny and so cute. I had a grandma who made me feel very special too - even if I was very far away. Loved the warm feeling of this one.
This was a sheer delight to read; a wonderful sensory experience. I never knew any of my grandparents, so this special story brought tears to my eyes of what could have been. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Your descriptions really brought the story to life. Marvelous!
What an absolutely delightful read. I could hear this little one's voice and I was smiling all the way through. Wonderful.
How wonderdful and sweet and charming. I love all the details and descriptions. This one completelly warmed my heart. Loved it!
Wonderful job, Edy. I love the conversational tone of the story. It also relates well to so many people. We all have/had grandparents, whether we were lucky enough to know them or not.

My grandparents were some of the most important people in my life. Thanks for the reminder.
This story makes me think of my own mother and the kind of grandma she was to my kids when she was still alive. And it reminds me of my own grandma, who used to let me climb in bed with her in the morning when she was visiting our house. She used to sing me funny songs and rub my back. And it inspires me to be a good grandma to my little grandsons. Thank you, Cheri
Edy, what an absolutely precious story! Love you! Hugs!