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A very sweet love story - in more ways than one. Good job.
Great story. Well told and subtle. I love your descriptions of the turtle and the beckoning call of the ocean in the beginning. You did a good job of showing me what she was seeing and feeling.! This is very, very good. The descriptions are excellent, and who doesn't love a happy ending? Very well done.
Your description, especially in the beginning, is so vivid and engaging and tactile! I could feel her dread so vividly - and later her joy. What a rollercoaster of emotions - but it was certainly a delightful ride!
A delightful story with wonderful imagery! You're a gifted storyteller. I guessed right off who must have writtent this.
oops! written!
Definitely one of my favorites of yours. This story rocks!
Hmmmm.... I read this earlier in the week and thought I had left a comment, but I guess not. Oops. I loved this though. It seemed so real. I especially loved the ending. Great job.
Awesome story! I love the ending. I felt you glossed over the introduction to The Lifeguard a little quickly, and don't forget to capitalize Bible, but otherwise this was well written. Great job!
A lovely little story that captures the topic well. Well done. :)
Wow! Loved this story of a Dolphin that wasn't well done and such a beautiful ending. Miracles DO happen, and I believe!