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...and the message is? Oops, sorry - my computer crashed.
What a wild and crazy ride. Not sure I got it all, but it sure was action packed. I'll have that song stuck in my head now.
I give this story a Capin'Jack DAVEY for best Sea Saltin' dialog by a non-pirate in a leading role. Loved the language.
Creative dialogue, but I had a hard time following it. It gave the essence of the sea and it's jargon, but the story got lost in all the sea lingo. At least, it did for me. And is Sonny Boy a female cat or did I read that wrong? Hm-m-m. I guess this one splashed over my head, but the creativity is evident.
I just reread the story to figure out my own confusion, but now I have more ...who's Greg, "Greg stood wide-legged at the helm..." and why's he in the story? Sorry, I'm slow to figure things.