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I see two leadership styles here, but I'm not sure of the point you made when Brian told Ram to hold on to his job. I might have missed something.
I really felt for Ram in this article. It is really difficult to work for someone who doesn't respect or appreciate you. Our leaders or people in authority must realize that kindness and respect go a long way.
The two different styles represent true bosses out there. I also think the advice he gave was sound: it might be a bad job, but don't run away, see if you can adjust to it as some problems could be your own too. Seek new work but don't be hasty and quit before you find one. So often now days, it's tough, we quit and then whine we don't have a job! I would have given it a little more voice here, a little more logic of why interjected to give the reader the feeling it was wise advice.
Loved the first 2/3s of the story. But after Brian heard how bad things were for Ram, then to repeat how good his boss was but to not encourage him to hope for an opening seems a bit coldhearted of Brian. The point on leadership was made in the first 2/3's of the story. Wished it had ended differently.