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Oh, I love this! You took a difficult metaphor and ran with it perfectly. What amazing talent! Describing music as a river, like describing a color in terms of taste. Awesome.
Oh my! That was a wild ride. You obviously know music. I loved your ending!
Wow, this is great! So much action I felt like I needed a life jacket to stay afloat. I remember learning to 'hear and see' the action in classical music when I was about 7 or 8. I thought then, and still do that it became intriguing instead of boring at that point. I'm not a musician, so the reference to the notes were above me, it reminded me of that 'seeing, feeling' learning experience as a child. This was a wild river ride though and I loved it!
Have you lost your mind?! LOL A DAVEY for this one for sure. I'm going to watch Phantom of the opera now . . . errr . . . swim to Phantom of the Opera. WoW! I can't believe you had that in you!!! Masterful writing!
Wow! What a unique POV! I know this piece well, and can relate to your frustration in playing it. I never considered its "riverlike" qualities before, but now I'll never be able to hear it without remembering your piece. Very well written!
Wow, I think I just went over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Yep, I'm breathless. What an interesting twist on the river theme. Noticed a few minor typos (which I'm sure you've seen already), but this was truly marvelous--worthy of the "Phantom" DAVEY, I'll venture. (wink, wink)
Oh wow! This is SO amazingly, masterfully done! I second the call for a phantom Davey! What amazing description!
Metaphorically magnificent!
Wow! What a masterful gift you have. I'm surprised you didn't place with this. I could feel the river and the music and I'm just sitting here in awe. Wow!
Now, this is definitely a river beyond the pale of most writer's imaginationings. I think exquisite is the only word that comes to mind to describe my reaction. I love your word selections and the images you create to pull us along on your journey. And, now I must go find that Bach CD so I can hear and experience what you did all for myself!