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This is a fun story with a pointed message. Where do our perceptions lie?

Thanks, and God bless,

LOL - I figured we were in for a chuckle starting with your title. Great laugh and terrific ending.
This is seriously good stuff. The humour is the gently self-deprecating kind that everybody loves. And the whole piece takes the form of a shaggy dog story, one of those jokes that has several parts, with repetitive sections in each part that link the parts as the tale canters to its conclusion. And the conclusion to these tales HAS to be a surprise, unexpected, for that's the whole point of the drawn-out verbal joke. If you guess the ending half way through, then the second half would be tedious. I knew obviously that somehow he was going to have to learn that he'd got all the lessons wrong, but I couldn't imagine how.
And boy, I really couldn't have guessed how! That was inspirational, that the other bloke had been looking for the guru as well.
It has the feel of an oft-told tale and I'm wondering if you've adapted a locally famous joke - which would be a perfectly legitimate thing to do, since such 'folk jokes' are not copyright. Indeed, I believe no jokes are copyright.
Whatever, it's a unique and hugely enjoyable offering. Thanks.
Creatively entertaining! Great job!
Thanks for a great laugh! Very clever, imaginative and too funny! Great stuff!
Simply delightful, entertaining and uplifting. A great read and a Super message. My only question throughout was: "Was it a creek or a river?"...never could figure that out; but immaterial when it comes to writing. Just GRRReat! Loved it!
Ha! Great story. Good laugher. You may be up for a DAVEY for this one!

Creek or River? Depends upon if you swimming or drowning in it!
Oh! One moooore thing. Change the first word in this piece to "On." You can be "on" a plain, but if you are "in" a plain you are underground.
Absolute perfection. Nothing else to say--this is just the best.
Hahahaha! That was great. :-D
Hehe! That tickled my funny bone! Great job.
It looks like you really achieved your goal for writing with this one!
A very good message, told in an amusing and entertaining way! I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing it
What a great story. Loved the progression. Great ending, too!
Oh, I like this one! The light humor is engaging, and it has a nice message, too. Good job!
I enjoyed the lightheartedness of this, and especially the wisdom at the end. Very clever!!
Enjoyed reading this wonderful and entaining story! Perfect in every way!
Congratulations on your "Third Place" win! I really think this was one of my most favorite this week! So creative! God bless you as you continue to grow in your gifts and talents! Very, very well done!
Philip, first of all, congratulations on your win this week. It was well deserved. You are not only an excellent writer, but you also pick the best titles.

Would you please send me a private message (with your email address) as soon as possible, as I would like to ask you something about possibly helping with the Challenge in the next quarter. If you could contact me, I would really appreciate it.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)
Congratulations Philip!
Excellent stuff here. Love the voice. God bless.