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I enjoyed your entry. Thanks for sharing. I'm a middle child.
Nice entry! I too am a middle child but in a first born kind of way. The oldest of the little girls. It happens in very large families and it's a little hard to explain. LOL
I liked reading this. There was a nice balance to it all.
Absolutely LOVE this in spite of my first born control issues. :) Great fun, great message, great writing!
I hate the short, incomplete, choppy sentences, but I love your article. A good reminder that God loves us just as we are ... especially in the context of our society which often psycho-analyzes every action. And yes, I'm a control freak and an eldest child. A great article ... choppy sentences and all. Thanks.
I think the middle child is very special. I see them as very vital- as a middle child i tell people,"i'm in the middle,i make the sandwich complete." But, like you truly said, it doesn't matter for God loves us all regardless of our positions. Great entry!
Keep winning and shining for Jesus.
Regardless of the fact that this particular perfectionist of a "middle child" gets much more upset by choppy sentences than does my oldest sister, the article was a great read! It's so wonderful to know that God loves us individually, that things like birth order are not an issue with Him, rather, He searches the heart. I'm sure your sister is honored that you would dedicate this loving and blessed article to her.
This is a winner. Had me cackling out loud at the following sentences: If you are a firstborn, you are probably reading this and nodding your head in agreement. Always so self-assured aren’t you? Well written. Great job. God bless you.
i think my middle child would appreciate this
Hope, even when it's anonymous you do exceptionally well. Congratulations on an excellent entry (as is your habit) and on your 6th place in the Editor's Choice. Also, congratulations on receiving a Highly Commended in the Level 3 Champion Challenge. That is definitely a credit to you. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)