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This is powerful writing! I love the short sentences in the first and last paragraphs, and your writerly vocabulary, and you paragraph about the laughability of finding a worthy act in your own righteousness. Superb.
I don't know why but this brings to mind, for me, the song, "I can only imagine," by Mercy Me! And makes me feel about the same way I do when I hear that song. Amazing!! Simply Amazing!
Very interesting. Im thinking how this could be presented to an unsaved audience and get them wondering. Maybe a little deeper insight as to what you feel would do it. It could be easily expanded with a little work. Nice job.
In the second para, it should be "Visio Dei" not
"Imago Dei". Whoops! Sorry.
An interesting piece, with some nice imagery as well.
great imagery and good build up of anticipation - yes- great title!:)
Beautiful ... "Anticipation" sums it up so well! Really, really well done! :)

Your language is SO beautiful and poetic here. I know you want critique, but I don't know how to help you - I have no suggestions, other than to keep writing. I especially loved your second to last paragraph!
Okay, Stephen, I'm serious now, you better build another bookshelf!!! I'm going to be very upset if you make it to masters before me -- NOT!!! Grand job!