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So many of us will be happy for a flaming chariot to pick us up. Good article with a clear message. Our pride in ourselves will fail us everytime.
Ah, but it's not so simple to follow God's decrees is it? You have raised some interesting points, food for thought. Thanks for getting my gray matter in gear today. Nice entry.
Doesn't the world look different when we put God at the centre of our lives. But how come it is so hard?! Even the difficult-to-understand question of God showing favouritism to the obedient but not showing favouritism becomes irrelevant when we put Him at the centre. Thanks for the reminder to e-x-p-a-n-d my universe.
I liked the way you started this story; getting the reader interested in the perspective from a parent's view and then easing into the more complicated subject of God. I felt connected all the way through.
Not being a parent, is it neat to 'hear' you speak of these universal commonalities that children/siblings have in growing up. In some homes the case of unfair favoritism is valid, but in the Family of God, He favors us uniquely, yet equally. Oh yeah, I definitely need to add some spandex to the waistband of my spiritual mindset. Great write! Nancy