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Interesting, but mind-boggling. Where is the topic for the week? "Great". What does the mother's alterations have to do with being late? Perhaps I'm dense...but I'm not connecting. Thank you for sharing this story with your fellow wordsmiths, however, it's interesting.
This really drew me along, which is a testament to your writing, but it left me with lots of questions. What were the thick, folded papers? What was David doing while all this was going on at his wedding? I'd urge you to re-visit this and clarify it; it's an interesting story.
I agree with the comments above. You've written a stunning story. Your characters are excellent. The scene where Zach is waiting for Annie is impressive.

But, I feel that you are (or I am) missing a few links. What are those folded papers? Why did the alterations have to be done at that time?

You have a phenomenal story idea. Do what you need to, expand it, make some changes, whatever, but DON'T leave this hanging.