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Wonderful, anointed testimony of the greatness of our God. Well done.

An article filled with truth. He's so great that whatever the problem we are faced with, we never have to fear He's in heaven saying, "I wish I could help her, but THIS THINGS TOO BIG!"

Also, I would be easier to read if you broke your paragraphs into smaller sections. Some of us have old eyes. Yes, their the same age as our bodies, but that's another topic.

I feel certain you were blessed as you focused your thoughts on the greatness of our God.
My only suggeston would be to shorten some of the longer paragraphs to make it an easier read. It gets bogged down when so much is crammed into one paragraph. I am critiquing from a Readers standpoint, not a writers. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for your testimony of how God's greatness empowered you to fulfill your dreams. It is of tremendous encouragement to me as I aspire to fulfill mine.