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Hehehehe, cute story! The last line was a classic.
Precious! A delightful read!
Agree, punch line is excellent. My own boys always hated the vacuum cleaner and would run from the room. These days (in Mozambique) we have cement floors so only a brush is needed!
Hehe...very cute!
Cute! Our son (almost 18 months) just screams when I get out the shop vac to clean. He hasn't started protecting me from it yet. I've been told "show don't tell", it would have been really cute to show us one of his battles against the beast :).jj
Wonderful article in every respect. Thanks for sharing this delightful story.
Loved it! Such a delightful way to show and tell about the purpose of life - and bring a chuckle and a smile at the same time. Great title to boot! Well done.
Oh, this is utterly charming! I can just see your brave little precious. Every sentence brought a smile to my face.
Apart from God, there is no love as pure as the love of a child toward his or her mother. And it is obvious that you know this truth first hand. Very touching story. I can't help but smile inside and out when I read it. It reminds me of how my grandson has saved me from the sharks that lurk under my bed many times. Nice writing!
Delightful and 'real' writing. Your love for your little one and your obvious enjoyment of him is apparent in your writing.
This is a darling story, I enjoyed reading it, it put a smile on my face.
This is so wonderful! So cute, well written and I could see everything you described. I really enjoyed this one. Great work Jez.
Bless his bumpity little heart! This is a delightful illustration of the topic, and a precious character study of one little boy!
This was great. I loved the last line. It added a twist of humor to a good read.
What a little hero! This is a great, heart-warming piece. I enjoyed it! :-)
Aw, what a sweet thought. Cute and brave, huh?!
Love your new website by the way!
Beautiful pics.