The Official Writing Challenge
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"I am just a pencil in the Author’s hand." Love the picture this wonderful line creates in my mind! Great job!
I have to be honest, the first part lost me when we got to
“Sharks! Where’s THAT pencil?”, until we got to the last part. I loved the images and analogy of comparing us to a pencil in God's hand. Some great thoughts about how God does already know how our stories will play out.

Great descriptions and images. The format and construction through me as well. Note the comments above, some things to think about.
Such a beautiful thought - especially for a Writer...just a pencil in the hand of God. Exquisitely written.
I didn't get the "sharks" and the "ding", but I really, really like the writer-as-pencil metaphor. I'm probably just being dense. I like your voice.
Very creative.