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I laughed out loud at " plain as an old meatball." This is delightful.
They do say that opposites attract! Great writing.
This is a wonderfully transparent potrayal of yourself. I really enjoyed it. Especially your poem: “So, what’s the moral of this verse?
I got you for Better, and you got me for Worse!”

Watch your punctuation. You are a good writer and you have a wonderful voice. With a little tightening this would be a gem.
This is an absolute delight! The poem rendition would be most interesting!

'...while my squawking goes into crescendo fortissimo.' Perfect - besides your perfect ending! Loved this!
What a personal portrayal of yourself. I love how you freely acknowledge your "faults" without beating yourself up over them. We all have faults, but very few of us accept as a part of who we are. What you reveal to us is that our "faults" are only the perceptions of others as they see us through their own particular filtered vision. God sent you someone with the ideal vision to see you for who you really are. Anyway, that's what I got out of your story. :>) Great job!
Edy, I feel as though I know you! This piece is a treasure. Your figures of speech just sing. I sure can identify with the mystery of The Match, especially later in life. God sure does have a sense of humor!

Just a suggestion for turbo-charging your opening sentence. Why not start out with "madder than a wet hen?" It just seems easier for the reader to follow if you keep the actions in their chronological sequence.

But that's only a nitpick...the whole thing is delightful, and I do hope you employ your rare gifting to create the poem!
Edy, I feel like I've known you for years! We are two of a kind, you and I, right down to the men we have married! Oh, and I have two sisters, just like yours! This pulled me into your story, realizing that I'm not the only one who does these things! Your story was so well written. You have the heart of a Minnesotan my friend. So glad that you found someone who appreciates you for who you are! Sorry, I'm gushing, but I just loved it!!!!!!
I like this writing and cna totally relate to it! God is so good...He knows what we need.
You are all so kind! Thank you for your comments. I'm delighted that you enjoyed this page of my "true confessions!" God bless all of you!
The very first line lured me in! - because I also hate it when I'm fit to be tied and they LAUGH! Loved your "True Confession", it's good for the soul, and it's also nice to know there are others that share your same old flaws. (Ahem!) Great Story, Loved it throughout! Kudos, My Friend! Kudos.
Wonderful story!! You sound like a delightful person who knows herself well!:)
Edy, this was delightful and insightful. I can just picture Howard bursting out laughing when you are mad. I love your transparency, your honesty. This is very good, but I can see how your writing has improved since writing this. You are a blessing, my friend.
Absolutely delightful and so honest! Truly enjoyable!