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I enjoyed this story from your life. God just does that doesn't He? He waits to give us the blessing so that we receive it gratefully.
I really enjoyed your story. What a great lesson!
I can really relate to your story - there have been many times that I was facing something that I didn't want, and found that through prayer, God was always faithful to change my heart. I love that about God.

Good article, I enjoyed it. God bless you as you serve him.
I enjoyed your article as well. If we accept God's will things just fall into place.
You've hit upon a topic that people can identify with ... evidenced by the number of times the article has been read compared to some of the others. Well done!!! And the article is great too - a good reminder of God's call to us to be joyful in all circumstances, as well as His provision of our needs and even many of our desires.
And there I was thinking the screams and squeals outside your door were girls fighting over who'd get to go with you....
But then I realized you were a girl....