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What a sad commentary on the times we live in. "There is thousands" should be there are thousands, but the rest was well done. :) I really liked your ending sentence.
What a imaginative way to present your case. Well done and a message that needs to be sent.
You brought up some really good points. A really interesting read. Good job!
Very good job with the gentle irony of this situation.

In your 3rd paragraph, the 2nd person references are a bit jarring; consider re-writing those to be more consistent with the rest of the piece.

A very thoughtful musing.
Sad that this the changes that are taking place. But we have been told this is what is coming. Nicely written except for the change from "I" to "you" to "I".
I've just walked out of my church, set the burglar alarm, and locked it firmly. I agree entirely. If only we could leave our doors open. But as temples of the Living God, we take the church wherever we are...
Thanks for a thought provoking piece.
How very sad! To think that Mankind has come to this point in time that even a Church cannot stay open!

I'll never forget the Christmas Eve I was all alone in a big city...and walked into a church and listened to an organist playing. It was so peaceful and restful...and was not even of my faith - but it was a refuge, a haven and I wasn't so lonely. Very nicely written, and a sad, but true, message to share with us. Thank you.

Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts that were expressed so well! Look forward to reading more of your works!

Jan Lord