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Wonderful description. Well done.
Reading this put a big smile on my face. Thank you.
Beautiful. Your descriptions of her clothes and the carriage and horses reminded me of my favorite fairytale character...Cinderella. Nice job mixing fantasy with Princess Adeline's entrance into eternity as a child of the King. Bravo!
I cried.
Very nice--my favorite part was her feeling a tug on her hand, and thinking it was her daughter. A nifty touch.
I loved your story. Made me imagine...what splendor have my loved ones already gone to heaven seen, heard, known...
A sort of fairy tale description of an entry into heaven. I like the splendour of it and the feeling of joy and peace that accompany Adeline's entry into the kingdom.
Nice! It is a wonderful attempt to describe what we are incapable of imagining...gave Heaven and the Kingdom a face.
This IS a beautiful fairy tale of a time we can only imagine. You pulled off the feeling well for the reader. I really enjoyed this and thank you!
Beautiful, I'm not sure of the title though. This was a easy read and kept me engrossed to the very end. Very good writing.
AWESOME!! I loved it.
This was a wonderful read. So heart touching! I would not have connected so fully before I was married, but now those emotions are fully understood by me. I just overflowed with joy along with the Adeline.

I think the setting of the piece is more appropriate than many realized. Yes, it fits fairytale stories, but we are all brothers and sisters of God, the king. Does that not make us all Princes and Princesses? I think so. I think we all live in a fairytale in progress and just do not see it yet. I'm so excited that you made me see that!

I had two problems with this piece. The first was the description of the chariot. Was it white and gold or spun glass? Or were the horses spun glass? I do not find this clear enough for me. The only other problem is:

Why was this not in the Advanced section???

Thank you.