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Um...where to begin... The story was a tad tacky. It was also kinda boring and difficult to get into. Also, you didnt use the topic. (except for that one time one of the characters said enter in passing.) It was also very choppy and wasnt an easy read. You have some talent though. Keep working on it.
I liked this--could imagine it being made into a country song, complete with a video. It was very visual, and a fun read.
Sorry my last review was so harsh! That wasn't my intention.

Clarissa, you have a good "voice" the audience can see what you describe. I saw that phone booth and could see the turck heading towards him. You've done an excellent job with describing the scene. Despite it being hard to get into, yo udevelop a very interesting story throughout the rest of the story and leave the audience with a satisfying conclusion. Now that I undestand that it was supossed to be a light, humerous article I can appreciate it much more. The metaphor of the phone representing how we can call Jesus at any time was very creative. You DO have talent-Keep writing!