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The poetic flow isn't there - but the message IS! And I loved the last verse - supurb! An excellent "take" on Start...starting over and beginning again. Very well done.
Good message--but could use a little better flow. Best wishes with this poem.
Your last stanza is absolutely lovely. To improve your "flow", try reading your poem aloud, counting syllables in each line. They should be the same, or nearly so, with a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. Keep it up--you have great promise here.
As Jan said, a great deal of poetic promise here and the excellent adivce on how to structure this has already been provided. The message and the feeling cannot be faulted and I really liked the last stanza. God bless.
I like the poem; should a poem always flow? Your feelings came through loud and clear. That's good.
I like it. Wonderful message!
A nice message that even when we think we can't start over, God is right there to help us. Well done!