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Hey, I know the feeling!!! Loved your creative title, and the introduction that "hard living" (intense, not difficult) predominates at your house...and upon return, all the "stuff" shows up again just waiting to trip someone...! Ah, but PTL for clean socks and the return to the pre-vacation norm.
After a quick scan through the list, I clicked on your article because of the intriguing title. Loved (and can relate to) your real-life assessment of post-vacation homecoming - very well worded by the way. Only negative is it was short! It sounds like a great start to a story with a purposeful meaning.
Really liked what you've said, and how you've said it, but it feels like the beginning of something longer. I was ready to turn the page!
Three Cheers for excellent writing! Lots of accolades and applause for interesting story, and a Standing Ovation for brevity! I loved it! So true to life, and you said it so well..."Great to be Home!