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01/16/05 brought back the memories for me too; it was a lovely trip back to wherever our heart was long ago! Thank you for sharing those lovely days of youth - and of Home. Nicely done.
Thanks for the memories your story brought to me. Life changes, but memories stay the same, until we are too old to remember them.I enjoyed your story immensely.
Very nice, evoking some lovely images. Perhaps work on making some of the sentances shorter: lovely though. God bless
Dear Carolyn,
I felt the wistfullness of the heart as I read your memories. Every generation will have their own different nostalgia. I remember my childhood very clearly, and am puzzeled when my boys don't have many recollections of when they were little, but our daughter has more. But then I was raised in one home, never moving until I got married. Then, my husband and I - and the children moved quite a bit. Maybe that is why. I'm glad my folks never moved.
Sigh. Take care, and I enjoyed your sharing.(and thank you for your comment on my memories of home.)