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What a neat story! Written well, great momentum. Already an established relationship with His Father! Fun perspective!
I think this is the first story of Jesus' childhood I've ever read that went back this far! lol What a creative idea and you wrote it very well. The only thing that caught my I to tell you to watch for is capitalization consistency when referring to him. The first time God calls him son, son is capitalized, the next it wasn't for example. Other than that, like I said already, very creative and well written Pup!
Wow! What a great way of portraying our Lord's birth! His Father calling to Him, the convulsive contractions of birth, His purpose for coming hinted at throughout.
I liked your reflection on the words that Simeon would prophesy over Mary and Him: "then he heard the words he knew would bring his mother great pain, though it would bring joy as well." She who rejoiced at His birth would bear the pain of watching Him die. JP, you did a great job with this one!
What a unique perspective! You've done a wonderful job of bringing such a fresh and intriguing approach to this very familiar story. Not an easy thing to do!! I loved it!!!