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Remember when submitting that there is a mininum of 150 words necessary. Very beautiful description though! Would be perfect if it was elongated!
The phrase "toughen against roughening" spoke to me. I hope you'll write a longer piece next time; I'd love to read more of your poetry.
Even though your verse didn't meet the word count, I thought you deserved comment anyway.
I admit I was a little confused with the reference to petals toughening against ripening. Did you mean that they must toughen to get through winter but that there is a time (spring) when they are supposed to ripen in God's plan? Another two or three stanzas and you would have 150 words. The word vestiges made me bog down a little, trying to understand.
I think I understand that the petals (or buds) speak volumes about the creativity of our God.
One thing I noted was that the syllable count of your stanza was 6-6-7-8-8-8. I'm not extremely familiar with various poetic this a particular form?
Keep writing! You have the depth of thought of a poet!
Looking for Spring, and again, as so often this week, I am finding "winter", winter and winter. But thank you for sharing...God Bless.
I'm sure there must be more to this! I hope so, because these first few lines are very good and enticing. God bless.