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I really enjoyed this entry. It had a multitude of messages throughout. Nicely done.

God bless~
Well written article. God may use it for convicting that person to use the internet for going into the jails and prisons for him.

Good ideas can come from unknown places and at unexpected times.

Keep listening to the Spirit that was given to you when you were baptized for the forgiveness of your sin. (Acts 2:38)
What started as light-hearted banter between friends turned into a very thought-provoking story and lesson. I enjoyed it, particularly the way you ended it with the start of a letter.

The next-to-last paragraph contains so many good thoughts. It might be a bit easier for a reader to grasp the impact of each of them if they were divided and developed separately. But I am no pro so please accept that as just a thought from someone who overall appreciated reading this!
This is a great story. I think you have a delightful sense of humor and it shows throughout your story.

I noticed some tiny little things like the word alright. Technically, it's not all right to use it as one word, although it is gaining more popularity in British English. Anyone should be one word though. It can all get confusing which is why a good proofreader is a great idea.

For me personally, the beginning was a tad slow. I would have liked the conflict right in the beginning. You spent a bit too much time explaining googling. For example you could do something like this: Peter walked in to see Paul frowning as his fingers idly clicked on the keyboard. "Everything okay?"

"Huh?" Paul looked up to see his friend reading over his shoulder. "Oh I just discovered this nifty thing called search engines."

Peter jabbed him in the shoulder. "Ahh, is that what's wrong--you're just crawling out of the cave to join us in this century?"

I took some liberties and I think I mixed up the characters' personalities a bit, but I wanted to show you how you could still use your wonderful humor and show the conflict. Right away, the reader realizes Paul is upset about something. In the next few lines Peter could pull it out of Paul out about his friend. Notice also how I used body language to paint the picture for the reader. Later on you do a good job of balancing the narrative and dialog out, but in the beginning it's a little dialog heavy.

With that said, you have way more good things going here. I think it was brilliant how you brought up the subject of prison ministry without coming off as too preachy. You did a great job of making the reader think about old friends. I would guess almost everyone had a friend come to mind who they have lost touch with. The internet can be a great tool used to glorify God. Your message is a strong and clear one and something we ca all relate to. You nailed the topic for sure and did so in an interesting way. The ending can be one of the hardest parts of a story this short, but I think it was one of your strongest areas. I left the story with a warm feeling and even paused to pray for some old friends. You touched me with your words. Overall you did a wonderful job with this piece.
Congrats! God bless~