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Awww. I am a fan of romance and happy ending, and this well written piece had both.

I loved it. Great story!

Is this true?

God bless~
This is a nice series of dialog interspersed with short MC statements.

The ending is left to the imagination of the readers.

Good work.
I absolutely loved this. The ending gave me the biggest smile. I will read this again and again. Superb.
This is great! You had me hooked right away. I kind of saw the ending coming, but thought it was still a wonderful delight. You also do some great showing. I especially like the mood you set with the description of the old man's eyes. That's a great compliment from me because often I think people can go overboard describing things that aren't vital to the storyline, but this set the mood and I loved it! I can see that you probably struggled with making it all fit in under 750 words, but you did a fine job. It's not easy to decide where to clip words when you've gove over. The ending felt a tiny bit rushed and maybe you could have balanced it a tad more, but overall you really did a splendid job. I liked your great use of the topic too. Well done.

On the message boards Jan's Writing Basics is going over some of the criteria the judges use. It's great for all levels of writers and you might want to pop in and check it out. Last week she discussed atmosphere and this week is crafting.
Congratulations on ranking 7th in your level. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.