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Beartiful Bible stories but we must be careful how we connect words like love, mercy and grace with the word "endless".

Can we use the word endless with love, mercy or grace when refering to Judas, or the Pharoah of Moses' time, or the Herod who killed the children. God's love, mercy and grace ended at their death and what the character of God that was left was his justice.

God's love for us remains in effect depending on our love (and obedience) for him.
Nicely done - great connection between Elijah and God's love. Enjoyed this read. Thanks!
I like your direct and simple approach in making your message clear. Perhaps a little more descriptive language would spice it up a bit.

Keep it up!
This is a lovely retelling of the familiar Bible story. You do a nice job of telling it in simple terms. The only thing I might suggest would be to add some things that show the personality of your characters. For example: The prophet Elijah enjoyed many promises from God. Raising his arms to the heavens, with tears of joy in his eyes, he said, "Yahweh is the only true and rightful God of Israel." Little things like that will pull the reader in more and give them a better understanding and may even encourage them to reach for the Bible to discover more. I think you did a great job of writing on topic.