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Good job capturing the intense panic at realizing how blessed we are, and what it would be like if that were gone.
I think we've all had this type of experience in one form or another. You've really captured it well! I was with you all the way!
Great job on instilling the same panic in the reader. And such relief and blessing to wake up and be able to see! Wonderful work!
I picked this article to read due to the beautiful title,"Dawn Breaks The Darkness"..but it wife and alarm clock; wanted to see the sunrise in spectacular words...but it was moving and emotional. Very Good.
Isn't it funny how we do stupid things sometimes! But God in His infinite kindness, protects up even when we use less than good judgment!
How little we value some things until it looks like we willl lose them! thanks for the reminder that: 'At night I'm immersed in the light! Yeggy