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Beautiful . . .
Creative, descriptive, and inspiring. I enjoyed this. Thank you.
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, this is beautiful. I love the idea of the jar being filled with blessings.You nailed the topic in a fresh and creative way.

The only red ink I would offer to make this great piece even better would be to tighten some of the sentences. For example, often the word very can weigh a sentence down and actually have the opposite effect. Very special doesn't feel as sincere to my ears as just the word special. I might tighten that sentence up like this: During special times in James' life, the huge blessings clumped together so that many grains of sand simultaneously hit the jar with a thump.
I know that may not be perfect, but I hope it shows what I'm trying to say.

There are many awesome aspects of this story. Your opening piqued my interest immediately and I was eager to read. I thought the idea is brilliant and creative. I can easily picture the MC scooping her son into her lap and telling him the story of his blessings jar. It is a wonderful idea to show kids how blessed they truly are,especially in this age of instant gratification. This is a wonderful idea that many parents could adapt. I could almost hear the sand hitting the jar as he journeyed through life. Your description of the ending gave me goose bumps. This is definitely one of my favorites.
Awww, this touched my heart and made it smile. This piece was both poignant and powerful, the message not overly blatant, but enough to reach one's heart.
Thank you for this.

God bless~