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You make some really interesting points. I'm not quite sure I understood it all but I bet it would be a fascinating topic for those who often visit the Theology Thread on the message board.

Though you make some great points, you really missed the topic. Writing on topic can be a hard thing to do, especially when you feel God is putting a certain message on your heart. Some people mistakenly think if they mention the topic then the story is on topic but in truth a way to tell if the story is on topic is to take out anything relating to the topic. If your story still makes perfect sense, then you probably missed the on topic criterion.

The good news is the judges have other criteria to consider. You did have an intriguing beginning that drew me in and made me want to keep reading. Your ending seemed to bring the story full circle. Only you can write the articles that Jesus puts on your heart so I hope you keep writing and looking for the right venue to get your message across. Good job.
I read this through at least twice. It is meaty, very clear and informative. The topic was "ACHOO", however, and this old grizzled head of mine could not find a way to correlate what you wrote with the subject required. You write forcefully and engrossingly, and with a little more attention to topic, this could be wondrous.
Very entertaining. Thank you. I will never think of sneeze without thinking of your article. great job.