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A job well done in this entry. I love the important messages and the way it was presented. God bless~
I think you did a great job of writing on the topic but still keeping it fresh and interesting. There were many things I learned about when I read this. I also think that the Bible verses you selected were a good match. Nicely done.
Very well done. Your writing is excellent in this piece reminding me of God's purpose for repetitions, just as His love for us is never ending.

Thanks for the powerful message and food for thought in this wonderful article.

Very good indeed.
Another song popped into my head, this one directly from Scripture... "Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice!"

I loved the title and your writing. Good job!
I learned a lot from you that I didn't know before. And I thought your final paragraph was a good, neat way to sum up. Well done.
Fantastic devotional. Right on topic and an enjoyable read. Thank you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing this with us!
There are some great reminders here. I love it.

This is a bit wordy in places. You could condense some things to make them more concise. That way things flow a bit better. For example: I can still hear the echo from the refrain of this triumphant Christmas carol, "Joy to the World," "Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy…" Why do so many of the carols and the old hymns that we dearly love to sing repeat their refrains over and over again?

Could be reworded a bit... something like this: "Repeat, repeat the sounding joy!" I can still her the echos of "Joy to the World." So many of the old hymns and carols repeat the refrain. Why is that?"

Or something like that. :)

Nice job, for being something out of your genre and a bit of an experiment! I like it.
"Amen" and again we say "Amen" What a wonderful way to treat this subject...repeated reminders of God's love. And, that He repeats it over and over and over again is surely a sign of the ever abiding love for us. Great job.
You gave us an inspiring history lesson full of vivid images to guide us into remembrance and encourage us to celebrate not only the occasions but God's goodness displayed through them.
Well done!
God created a repeating rhythm to our lives from the very beginning when He set aside the Sabbath each week as a holy space of time, and when He made night follow day over and over. You remind us of these things in nature as well as of the celebrations we regularly enjoy. Your article was informative, instructive, and interesting. Good job! :)
This is a beautiful article. I love your description of the matzo's symbolism, and your discussion of the feasts established in God's Word. You did a great job with this topic!
Congratulations on ranking 7th in level two! Happy Dance!!
You have beautifully referenced how God has used repetition in nature, and set up those Ebenezer stones to remind us. I love all the pictures of Christ in the Passover you mention. I've been studying these "Feasts of the Lord" that the Israelites were commanded to celebrated, but they are for us too. They are God's appointed times and hold His plan for the world. It's all there! Amazing. "Repeat the sounding joy, indeed!" Thank you!