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Wow - this was a good story. I could see this in a magazine without the word restriction and limitations.

Nicely done! God bless~
This is a great story. You bring the conflict in the story right away. This could be a great analogy for so many things. I was on a cruise ship once where people were sitting in the lobby with their life vests. My mom held onto me while I vomited. The next day I left the small, Stinky room in search for fresh air. People were still praying. My sister was sent Out to check on me. I stayed in the cabin long enough to throw up and tell my family to get out of the stifling room and I scooted back to the fresh air. Your story reminded me we have a choice stifle and suffer alone in the dark, dank caves or head to the hills to rejoice in God's glory. You really did a nice job on this piece.
Nice description of life aboard a ship. You brought the characters to life with good dialogue, but I felt that the transitions were a bit abrupt. Tying themselves to the bunk worried me, so the ending was particularly warming.
Indeed, a delightful read! nice job!
Congratulations Doris!

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