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This is a lovely piece. I sense immediately that it was about the garden of Eden and was eager to keep reading.

The only line I stumbled over was this: a place for re- and pro-creation
I think I stumbled because I pronounce it the way it was written and the re-creation didn't sound right to my ears (but that could be my accent or lack of one :))

I also liked how you characterized the garden as the very first park. I think it was quite clever. I haven't read too many stories yet so I'm not sure if several will take that idea or if you will be unique but I know it wasn't one of the first things that popped into my head. It truly is a work of art.
Nice poem. I like how you mentioned how they were wed there... Adam and Eve- the only two people to be married by God. That would have been amazing.

God bless!
The most glorious park in all the world would pale greatly if we could see what you wrote about, God's perfect garden. And yes, they had it all until they chose....
You really grabbed me with this image.
Beautifully flowing poem & I liked your unique approach to the topic...this piece displays real talent!